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TOP 10 Best Open World Games You Must Play Before You Die

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TOP 10 Best Open World Games You Must Play Before You Die

 1-Red Dead Redemption 2
     3-Forza Horizon 5
     4-Days Gone
     5-The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
     6-Elden Ring
     7-Marvel's Spider Man
     8-Assassin's Creed Valhalla
     9-Death Stranding
     10-Mad Max


        1-Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 an open world action adventure game takes place in 1899 on a fictional American frontier playing as Arthur Morgan a member of the Vander Linda gang led by Dutch Vander Linda you navigate a world that is the wild west the game boast immersive visuals realistic weather and a dynamic environment players engage in diverse interactions like crafting cooking and nurturing relationships praised for its Story characters gameplay and World design Red Dead Redemption 2 has earned numerous accolades including Game of the Year cementing its status as one of the greatest games ever made someone kill this assle

    2-GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a sprawling open world action adventure game developed by Rockstar North and released in 2013 it's the seventh main entry in the iconic Grand Theft Auto series and one of the most commercially success successful and critically acclaimed video games of all time the narrative follows three intertwined characters Michael desanta Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips their paths cross as they get drawn into a series of dangerous heists orchestrated by a shady government agency throughout the story you'll witness their struggles conflicting loyalties and the dark underbelly of Los Angeles criminal underworld GTA 5 offers a vast and detailed open world to explore encompassing the bustling Metropolis of Los and the sprawling Countryside of Blaine County you can freely roam on foot drive a variety of vehicles or even fly helicopters and planes the core gameplay revolves around completing missions

3    3-Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 comes with hundreds of the world's greatest cars from classic muscle cars to Modern hypercars and off-road beasts customize your ride to your heart's content then hit the gas and explore the vast world at your own pace race through the stunning Landscapes of Mexico participate in thrilling challenges build your own Horizon story or just cruise around and soak in the atmosphere Forza Horizon 5 offers a plethora of activities to keep you entertained team up and Conquer Horizon arcade challenges explore hidden secrets and landmarks compete in online open sessions or even create your custom events with the powerful event lab the possibilities are endless whether you're a competitive racer a casual Cruiser or a creative innovator


4    4-Days Gone

Days gone Blends intense third person action with stealth resource management and exploration you'll navigate a vast open world infested with freaks human enemies and dangerous natural environments days gone is a fast-paced action-packed game with a focus on survival and Resource Management in a zombie infested World while the violence and themes can be intense it avoids going into excessively graphic territory if you're looking for a thrilling motorcycle adventure with strategic freaker combat and a dark post-apocalyptic setting then days gone could be your next adrenaline rush

    5-The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 wild Hunt is an open world action RPG developed by CD project red and released in 2015 it's the concluding chapter in The Witcher Trilogy based on the fantasy novels of Andre sapkowski and widely considered one of the greatest video games ever made you play as geralt of Rivia a monster hunter known as a Witcher in a war torn continent teaming with creatures and political Intrigue your primary Quest is to find Siri your adopted daughter and a powerful sorceress pursued by the wild Hunt another worldly Force threatening to consume the world the narrative is expansive and nuanced with mature themes complex characters and impactful choices that determine the story start and end Jack Nim vampires attack this City once again I slept through all

        6-Elden Ring

Elden ring developed by from software and directed by haat taka Miyazaki features a dark fantasy world called the lands between once prosperous but now fractured and ruled by corrupted demigods as a tarnished Exile players must uncover the secrets of the shattered Elden ring and challenge the demigods to become the Elden Lord the game has garnered widespread Acclaim for its World design gameplay and lore earning Awards including game of the year and fostering a dedicated player community if you seek a challenging and immersive experience Elden ring offers just that

      7-Marvel Spider-Man

Marvel Spider-Man is a webs slinging Masterpiece by Insomniac games because of its unique storyline and best graphics most people loved this game and it became a huge success in the game franchise for Insomniac Games Marvel Spider-Man was a critical and Commercial Success winning numerous Awards and selling millions of copies it's praised for its immersive World engaging story Dynamic gameplay and web slinging mechanics that feel like stepping right into the comics so suppose you're looking for an exhilarating Spider-Man adventure with a great story Unforgettable characters and web slinging that'll make you feel like the hero in that case Marvel Spider-Man is worth swinging into 

8     8-Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is an epic open world action RPG set in the brutal and fascinating world of the Vikings you play as iore ven's daughter or venon a fierce Viking Warrior raised on Tales of war and victory driven by your Clans dwindling resources and internal conflicts you lead your people from the harsh icy shores of Norway to the Lush
but War torn kingdoms of England in the late 9th century Valhalla offers a vast and diverse open world to explore spanning from snowcapped mountains and sprawling forests in Norway to The Verdant farmlands and bustling towns of England you can travel on foot horseback or even by long ship raiding enemy settlements hunting for resources and completing side quests alongside the main story

      9-Death Stranding

Imagine a world ravaged by the death stranding a phenomenon where the veil between the living and the dead has thinned creatures known as beached things roam the land attracted to the living making travel perilous you play Sam Porter Bridges a courier tasked with reconnecting isolated cities and rebuilding a fractured Society death stranding isn't your typical action game it's a slowburn cerebral experience focused on traversal and resour management you'll Trek through vast desolate Landscapes carrying cargo on your back or using vehicles but navigating the world is a constant challenge with terrain weather and Beach things all posing threats death
stranding was met with mixed reviews but garnered a dedicated fan base for its originality Innovative gameplay and thought-provoking story

       10-Mad Max

Madmax throws you into a post-apocalyptic Australia ravaged by resource Wars and environmental collapse water is scarce gasoline even more so and violence Reigns Supreme you play play Max rockatansky a haunted Wanderer forever bound to the Wasteland forced into a desperate struggle for survival and a chance to escape this desolate World Mad Max was praised for its  immersive World intense car combat engaging story and brutal yet satisfying gameplay it won numerous Awards and garnered a dedicated fan base for its unique take on the Mad Max Universe the game features violence and mature themes including car crashes hand-to-hand combat and harsh environments .